Security Audit From Askerdyne

Per our final agreement with Askerdyne International. We were given a security audit. Over all? We were deemed A silver star in security and protection. They tested us through an SIEM on our Pterodactyl Panel which is our key platform where you as customers do business and can host servers on successfully. Over all. We are confident and will be aiming for an even Higher Score but as a Start-Up business we are very happy to have at least this rating. It will be reevaluated in 90 days to see if we can manage to go for a higher score But as it stands now? We strive for security for all of our clients.  And with this we can hope we can show that we are indeed promising Security as well as safety for our clients. Soon we shall potentially be bringing in another Cyber Security Specialist who is both new into this industry as well as also comes with High Regards from our previous CSA. Over all we are being given the chance to prove ourselves while also giving someone new in the field a chance to shine. It is a win-win in our book. The person who we will be bringing in is someone who we have had the pleasure of chatting with on a few occasions and has also informed me he currently has been using our platform to do work for Charity. We can not stress this enough that we are incredibly excited to see our platform being used for the good of the world. After all. Its the little things in life? Is it not? Until next time everyone. And remember as we like to say here at Helhosting LLC.
Lets explore.